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F-50 Ferrari

F-50 Ferrari

Darda F-50 Ferrari sportscar. A classic sports car, cool and fast in a sporty design, goes like a rocket and is very comfortable to drive. Approximately 8 cm long.

All darda cars has the unique darda enginen that allows the car to go up to 900 km / h (scale speed). By pressing down and pulling the car forward and back the engine will be wound up. The fast engine can be replaced on all vehicles.

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About Darda Racing Tracks:
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Darda is the world's fastest car track. In the 70's Helmut Darda invented the first and smallest interchangeable engine in the world that can be charged by rolling it back and forth. Even today, Darda racetrack is one of the most popular tracks and car toys. For children and adults. With a scale of 1:60, the cars are equivalent to a speed of 900 km / h