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Cross Challenge

Cross Challenge

Race course 'Cross Challenge'. Set with two crossover loopings, one Darda Panther and one Darda Hornet racing car. Track length 3.70 metres. Suitable for children from 5 years of age. In colourful sales carton. Complete with detailed product information. 2 construction variations possible, picture on the backside of the pack.

All tracks and parts can be assembled with each other. Only creativity limits how imaginative one car track can be. All Darda cars have a fast and powerful replaceable engine.

Darda racing sets are creative toys with speed and racing for big and small. To build and create a car course is stimulating and develops the imagination. And then drive the track with the world's fastest toy car.

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Darda is the world's fastest car track. In the 70's Helmut Darda invented the first and smallest interchangeable engine in the world that can be charged by rolling it back and forth. Even today, Darda racetrack is one of the most popular tracks and car toys. For children and adults. With a scale of 1:60, the cars are equivalent to a speed of 900 km / h